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KEYWORDS: California

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Date Format Image Collection
February 28, 1854 Government Document    Document
December 16, 1906 Article    Document
1908 Postcard  Visual Still
October 1908 Article    Document
October 1918 Article  Three men housepainting. Visual Still
1919 Photograph  Helen Keller riding horseback on a pine tree-lined road. Visual Still
October 25, 1922 Article    Document
November 1, 1922 Article    Document
August 1931 Photograph  A young man swings a golf club. Visual Still
October 7, 1938 Correspondence    Document
1942 Poster  Movie poster - Show ideal bodies of man and woman. Visual Still
1960 Photograph  A young man plays chess with assitive technology. Visual Still
1960 Article    Document
1962 Article    Document
1962 Photograph  A woman in an iron lung reads a book using a mouthstick. Visual Still
1962 Article    Document
1962 Article    Document
1966 Article    Document
November 15, 1968 Speech    Document
May 1969 Speech    Document
1970 Article    Document
1979 Speech    Document
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