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KEYWORDS: African American

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Date Format Image Collection
1908 Book    Document
1930 Annual Report    Document
1884 Conference Paper    Document
November 1956 Article    Document
1906 Government Document    Document
1909 Photograph  Blind Willie, a male musician wearing a suit, plays a keyboard piano outdoors with ivy in the background. Visual Still
May 1933 Article    Document
December 15, 1922 Article    Document
1974 Photograph  A young African-American man with his hands up on a wall. Visual Still
1974 Photograph  An African-American boy lying on the floor next a metal door. Visual Still
1974 Photograph  Young men on wooden benches. Visual Still
1974 Photograph  A boy riding down a hill on a tricycle. Visual Still
January 1839 Article    Document
March 28, 1908 Article    Document
circa 1970 Photograph  Two adults showing two children how to color. Visual Still
May 1923 Article    Document
May 1852 Article    Document
June 1852 Article    Document
1919 Book  Six African American men sit around a table while a white man in uniform looks on. Visual Still
February 1852 Magazine    Document
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