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Date Format Image Collection
April 24, 1883 Article    Document
1833 Annual Report    Document
November 14, 1934 Speech    Document
February 26, 1903 Article    Document
1850 Lithograph  Lithograph of Alms House. Bird's eye view. Visual Still
1833 Annual Report    Document
1872 Book    Document
July 1933 Article    Document
1962 Article    Document
1851 Book    Document
1851 Book  Visual Still
1851 Book  Man being forced medication, while a dcotor looks on. Visual Still
1988 Article    Document
1988 Article    Document
circa 1990 Poster  A woman in a wheel chair sits at the bottom of the stoop of an inaccessible apartment building. For some people the search for an apartment is all uphill. Visual Still
November 1933 Article    Document
1906 Government Document    Document
April 1898 Article    Document
March 1913 Article    Document
1924 Book    Document
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