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KEYWORDS: Ideologies

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Date Format Image Collection
March 4, 1913 Article    Document
November 15, 1922 Article    Document
July 28, 1892 Photograph  Bell with a group of children sitting on steps. Visual Still
June 25, 1918 Article    Document
1897 Pamphlet    Document
November 18, 1915 Newspaper  Newspaper headline reads Baby Dies; Physician Upheld - Autopsy Puts Boy In Class Of Defectives - Dr. Reinhardt Says Dr. Haiselden Did RIght to Allow Death Visual Still
April 14, 1917 Advertisement  The Black Stork delivers a crying baby to Dr. Haiselden's door.  A sign on the door reads Black Stork Babies Not Treated Visual Still
March 10, 1917 Advertisement  Water color of a black stork with a baby flying over a home with boarded up windows and a sign on the roof reading Black Stork Stay Off Visual Still
April 2, 1917 Advertisement  Motion Picture Directory Ad for The Black Stork at the LaSalle.  The ad has a picture of a black stork with a baby in a bundle in its beak. Visual Still
March 1913 Article    Document
December 15, 1922 Article    Document
July 24, 1915 Article    Document
1908 Article    Document
1891 Conference Paper    Document
May 1923 Article    Document
1837 Speech    Document
1915 Newspaper  Photo of a newspaper article entitled Doctor to Let Defective Baby Expire Unaided. Visual Still
November 18, 1915 Article    Document
November 18, 1915 Article    Document
November 18, 1915 Article    Document
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