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KEYWORDS: Deaf-blind

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Date Format Image Collection
March 4, 1913 Article    Document
1893 Photograph  Visual Still
1874 Book    Document
June 1905 Article    Document
June 25, 1918 Article    Document
May 1935 Article    Document
1906 Government Document    Document
January 1905 Article    Document
circa 1905 Photograph  A small cottage with shrubs in foreground near Helen Keller's childhood home in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Visual Still
circa 1845 Daguerreotype  Portrait of Laura Bridgman as a young woman wearing a patterned dress with lace collar. Her hair is braided and pinned up with a part down the middle. The Daguerreotype photograph is housed in a small leather case with a patterned red velvet lining surrounded by a gold mat board and embossing. Visual Still
May 1896 Article    Document
1867 Pamphlet    Document
1850 Annual Report    Document
1840 Annual Report    Document
1843 Annual Report    Document
1847 Annual Report    Document
1888 Annual Report    Document
November 30, 1904 Article    Document
July 27, 1891 Article    Document
1846 Annual Report    Document
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