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Date Format Image Collection
circa 1880 Photograph  Small-statured man standing in formal attire, holding top hat and cane. Visual Still
circa 1880 Photograph  Admiral Dot stands.  An average-sized man holds Major Atom on his arm. Visual Still
March 19, 1908 Article    Document
1869 Book    Document
circa 1870 Photograph  An armless man paints his portrait using his foot. Visual Still
1988 Article    Document
circa 1910 Postcard  Color postcard cartoon depicts man flying an airplane away from a brick building labeled Insane Asylum while guards look on from the roof. Visual Still
August 14, 1977 Postcard  Photograph of young man helping a boy row a rowboat.  Two girls are also in the boat. Visual Still
April 14, 1917 Advertisement  The Black Stork delivers a crying baby to Dr. Haiselden's door.  A sign on the door reads Black Stork Babies Not Treated Visual Still
March 10, 1917 Advertisement  Water color of a black stork with a baby flying over a home with boarded up windows and a sign on the roof reading Black Stork Stay Off Visual Still
April 2, 1917 Advertisement  Motion Picture Directory Ad for The Black Stork at the LaSalle.  The ad has a picture of a black stork with a baby in a bundle in its beak. Visual Still
1909 Postcard  Bright color illustration of an elderly blind man leading a young blind boy past a Danger sign Visual Still
1909 Photograph  Blind Willie, a male musician wearing a suit, plays a keyboard piano outdoors with ivy in the background. Visual Still
1959 Cartoon  A cartoon of a wheelchair built for two young people in love. Visual Still
January 1934 Article    Document
June 1933 Article    Document
May 1933 Article    Document
August 1932 Article    Document
July 1932 Article    Document
September 1932 Article    Document
April 1932 Article    Document
August 1931 Article    Document
circa 1865 Photograph  Chang and Eng stand between a young man and a boy. Visual Still
circa 1865 Photograph  A portrait of Chang and Eng with their wives and two children. Visual Still
circa 1865 Photograph  Souvenir photograph of Tom Thumb dressed as a sailor. Visual Still
circa 1865 Photograph  Tom Thumb dress in traditional Scottish clothing. Visual Still
March 22, 1844 Illustration  Lithograph of Charles Stratton dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte. Visual Still
circa 1885 Photograph  Chinese man of small stature stands with one arm on a chair. Visual Still
January 1933 Article    Document
January 1933 Photograph  Children, three in wheelchairs, around a decorated Christmas tree. Visual Still
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