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Date Format Image Collection
March 1, 1860 Advertisement    Document
unknown Lithograph  Valuable Books for children and Youth... surrounded by drawings of animals, boats and cornucopias Visual Still
1862 Pamphlet    Document
1862 Pamphlet    Document
1862 Illustration  Woman sitting in chair at table reading book to three girls Visual Still
1862 Illustration  Title page from Use What You Have.  A seated woman helps a girl fix her sleeves while another girl looks on. Visual Still
1862 Illustration  Title:  Use What You Have  - American Tract Society; a boy and a girl sit reading on each side of the title graphic Visual Still
1862 Illustration  A girl sits on a woman's lap. Visual Still
1862 Illustration  A well dressed family visits a man who is in a cage Visual Still
October 1932 Article    Document
1845 Book    Document
1959 Magazine  Magazine cover, with smiling man, woman, and girl. Visual Still
1959 Magazine  The cover of a magazine with photographs of a man and a woman. Visual Still
September 1957 Newsletter  A fairy with wings paints a sign. Visual Still
September 1956 Newsletter  A squirrel and a bird next to a tree. Visual Still
September 1955 Newsletter  A monkey with a hat sits in a tree. Visual Still
August 1956 Newsletter  A drawing of a donkey pulling a cart of flowers. Visual Still
December 1957 Newsletter  A woman holds a baby, surrounded by a halo. Visual Still
December 1956 Newsletter  An angel prays next to a baby in a cradle. Visual Still
May 19, 1934 Article    Document
circa 1865 Photograph    Document
circa 1865 Photograph  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thumb stroll down a busy city street arm in arm, dressed in formal wear. Visual Still
circa 1865 Photograph  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thumb and their wedding party stand on top of a piano and entertain guests. Visual Still
circa 1865 Photograph  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thumb sit in a parlor dressed casually as a servant waits on them. Visual Still
circa 1865 Photograph  Full frontal standing view of subjects in formal wear. Visual Still
circa 1865 Photograph  Full frontal view of Mr. and Mrs. Thumb in their wedding clothes. Visual Still
circa 1865 Photograph  A text description of Mrs. Tom Thumb's reception dress. Visual Still
January 2, 1847 Article    Document
1825 Pamphlet  Title page of Happy Poverty; a lithograph of a woman with hair braided at a spinning wheel and another older woman in a shawl sitting on a bed Visual Still
1848 Engraving  A man raises his fist at a woman. Two children struggle to pull them apart. Another woman enters the chaotic room. Visual Still
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