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Date Format Image Collection
1970 Photograph  A man in a wheelchair and a nurse look at papers. Visual Still
circa 1910 Photograph  Woman sitting in wheelchair and holding crutch. Man stands next her holding cigar. Visual Still
circa 1910 Photograph  Elderly Man And Woman With Wheelchair,  Woman dressed in long dress. Visual Still
circa 1910 Photograph  A man in a wooden wheelchair looks up from his desk. Visual Still
circa 1890 Photograph  A man, with a hat on his lap, sits in a wheelchair. Visual Still
circa 1905 Photograph  Visual Still
circa 1925 Photograph  Man using wheelchair in an office, another man at a desk. Visual Still
1962 Photograph  A woman in an iron lung reads a book using a mouthstick. Visual Still
1960 Photograph  A young man plays chess with assitive technology. Visual Still
1960 Photograph  Photographs of legs and arms with assitive devices for movement. Visual Still
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