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Date Format Image Collection
1960 Photograph  Photographs of legs and arms with assitive devices for movement. Visual Still
1960 Article    Document
1960 Photograph  Three blind people walk down a city street, two men flanking a woman. Each carries a white cane in their right hand. Visual Still
May 1960 Speech    Document
October 1960 Speech    Document
1962 Article    Document
1962 Article    Document
1962 Photograph  A woman in an iron lung reads a book using a mouthstick. Visual Still
1962 Article    Document
March 1964 Article    Document
December 1968 Speech    Document
1970 Article    Document
1970 Photograph  A man in a wheelchair and a nurse look at papers. Visual Still
January 1986 Government Document    Document
1988 Article    Document
1988 Article    Document
1988 Article    Document
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