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Date Format Image Collection
1959 Photograph  A woman in a hospitali cot with a hydraulic lift. Visual Still
1886 Photograph  A portrait of Hervey Wilbur. Visual Still
1880 Photograph  Photographic portrait of Edouard Seguin. Visual Still
1970 Photograph  A man in a wheelchair and a nurse look at papers. Visual Still
April 1933 Advertisement  An advertisement for a stair lift and a home elevator. Visual Still
October 1932 Photograph  Photographs of a building and a room with four bed. Visual Still
1855 Illustration  An engraving of a withered monkey torso attached to a fish tail. Visual Still
circa 1910 Photograph  Woman sitting in wheelchair and holding crutch. Man stands next her holding cigar. Visual Still
circa 1910 Photograph  A man in a wooden wheelchair looks up from his desk. Visual Still
circa 1890 Photograph  A man, with a hat on his lap, sits in a wheelchair. Visual Still
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