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Date Format Image Collection
November 10, 1842 Letter    Document
December 31, 1842 Letter    Document
February 3, 1843 Letter    Document
unknown Lithograph  Two images - A woman lying in bed; the same woman lying in bed upright with table Visual Still
December 1932 Magazine    Document
1960 Magazine    Document
December 1932 Magazine  Cover with a photograph of Franklin Roosevelt. Visual Still
December 1915 Map  Map showing prevalence of blindness by state. Visual Still
November 18, 1915 Newspaper  Newspaper headline reads Baby Dies; Physician Upheld - Autopsy Puts Boy In Class Of Defectives - Dr. Reinhardt Says Dr. Haiselden Did RIght to Allow Death Visual Still
1915 Newspaper  Photo of a newspaper article entitled Doctor to Let Defective Baby Expire Unaided. Visual Still
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