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Date Format Image Collection
1976 Speech    Document
September 23, 1937 Speech    Document
May 1969 Speech    Document
June 1968 Speech    Document
July 17, 1967 Speech    Document
1927 Speech    Document
circa 1910 Slide  Lantern slide showing women and children with empty large pans. One woman is receiving a full pail of coal. Probably in NY Visual Still
June 7, 1882 Print  Uncle Sam and a woman in an American flag dress cover their ears as an Irishman yells. Bricks with labels including Irish independence are scattered at the feet of Uncle Sam. The dim room has two levels of beds, with labels including Frenchman, Negro, and Russian. Visual Still
1938 Poster  A look inside the body of the AMA. Visual Still
circa 1990 Poster  Close shot of a prosthetic hook and a hand coming together to shake hands. Sometimes the worst thing about having a disability is that people meet it before they meet you. Visual Still
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