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Date Format Image Collection
1864 Annual Report    Document
1863 Annual Report    Document
1862 Pamphlet    Document
1862 Illustration  A well dressed family visits a man who is in a cage Visual Still
March 1, 1860 Advertisement    Document
circa 1860 Lithograph  Long view of hospital from front; horse drawn carriage approaches Visual Still
circa 1860 Lithograph  Lithograph that depicts a woman with 2 children pointing towards the State Alms House which sits on a hill. Visual Still
1860 Lithograph  A boy wearing high-waist pants, an over-sized jacket, and a hat holds newspapers in both hands. Visual Still
1860 Engraving  Visual Still
1860 Engraving  Visual Still
1860 Book    Document
1860 Illustration  A child's drawing of of a fenced house and trees Visual Still
1860 Photograph  Perkins students, boys in suits, with band instruments. Visual Still
1859     Document
1859 Illustration  An engraved portrait of Mary Day, a blind woman. Visual Still
February 1858 Article    Document
1858 Book    Document
1858 Engraving  Boy in straw hat stand in front of dilapidated house. Visual Still
1858 Engraving  Older women sits on stool next to fence, broken window, and broom, her clothing somewhat tattered. Visual Still
1858 Engraving  Three gentlemen, two of them seated, talking in a room. Visual Still
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