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Date Format Image Collection
September 1932 Photograph  A photograph of a young man in a tie. Visual Still
November 1932 Article    Document
July 1932 Article    Document
August 1932 Article    Document
September 1932 Article    Document
December 1932 Article    Document
August 1933 Article    Document
August 1933 Article    Document
May 1933 Article    Document
April 1933 Article    Document
March 1933 Article    Document
February 1933 Article    Document
July 1974 Government Document    Document
July 24, 1915 Article    Document
1921 Postcard  Front of postcard including a drawing of a girl in a blue dress using crutches. Visual Still
1921 Postcard  Form note, from the back of a postcard, from the Chairman of the Community Chest thanking donors for their contributions and soliciting the names of other potential donors. Visual Still
June 1933 Article    Document
June 1933 Photograph  A boy sitting in a wheelchair. Visual Still
April 10, 1946 Magazine    Document
March 1852 Article    Document
March 25, 1943 Newsletter    Document
October 1932 Photograph  A woman walks using cructhes. Visual Still
October 1932 Photograph  Two photographs of a young man walking with crutches. Visual Still
October 1932 Photograph  Two photographs of a woman walking with two canes and a leg brace. Visual Still
July 15, 1944 Article    Document
August 1933 Illustration  A drawing of people going up stairs, first a man in a wheelchair, then a man on crutches, then a woman using canes. Visual Still
September 1931 Article    Document
August 1931 Article    Document
1959 Article    Document
January 30, 1938 Article    Document
September 1932 Article    Document
1908 Article    Document
1891 Conference Paper    Document
May 1923 Article    Document
May 1960 Speech    Document
unknown Illustration  Portrait of Laurent Clerc. Visual Still
unknown Painting  Portrait of Thomas Gallaudet. Visual Still
unknown Illustration  Portrait of Mason Cogswell. Visual Still
unknown Illustration  Framed silhouette of Alice Cogswell. Visual Still
unknown Photograph  Photograph of the Cogswell House, a large townhouse, with a horse drawn carriage on the street in front. Visual Still
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