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Date Format Image Collection
1840 Annual Report    Document
circa 1920 Photograph  An elderly woman in a wheelchair with a boy and two men nearby. Visual Still
October 1932 Article    Document
October 1932 Photograph  A man shows how an electric eye would be used in a traffic intersection. Visual Still
1843 Annual Report    Document
February 18, 1912 Article    Document
February 18, 1912 Photograph  Images of four people, three women and a man, beneath caption reading Menaces to Society. Visual Still
February 18, 1912 Photograph  Portrait of Henery H. Goddard. Visual Still
1959 Article    Document
1959 Photograph  A girl points a light at letters in order to type. Visual Still
1959 Photograph  A person types from a bed. Visual Still
1959 Photograph  A man uses a mouthstick to type. Visual Still
1959 Photograph  A woman types from an iron lung using her tongue. Visual Still
1959 Photograph  A woman types from inside an iron lung. Visual Still
1959 Photograph  A man and a girl each use a headset to type. Visual Still
1919 Poster  Exhibit poster showing two scenes in which men with double leg amputations are being taught to walk with prostheses. Visual Still
November 1933 Article    Document
July 3, 1858 Engraving  A woman with crown and shield watches as Diphtheria, Scrofula, Cholera, and a large male creature emerge from dirty water. Visual Still
1847 Annual Report    Document
August 1932 Photograph  A group photograph of men and women at Warm Springs. Visual Still
March 16, 1918 Article    Document
1846 Annual Report    Document
January 1873 Government Document    Document
December 1932 Magazine  Cover with a photograph of Franklin Roosevelt. Visual Still
circa 1910 Postcard  Fred Vaillancourt standing next to two dogs hitched to a wagon. Visual Still
circa 1910 Postcard  A man in a wagon is pulled by two dogs along a dirt street. Visual Still
circa 1910 Postcard  Two dogs pull a man on a wagon. A cannon is in the background. Visual Still
circa 1890 Postcard  Photograph of Vaillancourt (who has one leg) standing in the snow, with cructhes, in front of a sleigh being drawn by two large muzzled dogs . Visual Still
November 29, 1922 Article    Document
June 1932 Photograph  A photograph of a motorized wheelchair. Visual Still
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