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Date Format Image Collection
circa 1914 Photograph  Family gather on a wedding day. Man at center in a wheelchair. Visual Still
June 1918 Article    Document
June 1918 Photograph  Man in wheelchair reading aletter, a woman standing net to him. Visual Still
June 1918 Cartoon  Cartoon of a soldier with a cane running from women welcoming his home.  He runs toward a job. Visual Still
circa 1920 Photograph  An elderly woman in a wheelchair with a boy and two men nearby. Visual Still
circa 1920 Postcard  A disabled young man looks up from a mud-covered tricycle. Visual Still
circa 1925 Photograph  Man using wheelchair in an office, another man at a desk. Visual Still
circa 1930 Manuscript    Document
1931 Photograph  Keller sitting with hands on Visagraph, braille machine, men in suits stand around machine, Robert Irwin far right Visual Still
August 1931 Article    Document
August 1931 Article    Document
September 1931     Document
1932 Photograph  Photograph of two blind men, using white canes, crossing the street in front of a truck and a car. Visual Still
April 1932 Article    Document
April 1932 Article    Document
April 1932 Illustration  An architectural drawing of the pools at Warm Springs. Visual Still
April 1932 Illustration  An architectural drawing of steps into a swimming pool. Visual Still
June 1932 Photograph  A photograph of a motorized wheelchair. Visual Still
August 1932 Article    Document
September 1932 Article    Document
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