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Date Format Image Collection
July 1932 Article    Document
June 1930 Article    Document
1926 Article    Document
1908 Postcard  Text of a postcard. Visual Still
August 10, 1865 Magazine    Document
September 16, 1906 Article    Document
October 7, 1906 Article    Document
October 21, 1906 Article    Document
November 25, 1906 Article    Document
December 16, 1906 Article    Document
1919 Poem    Document
1919 Poem    Document
1919 Poem    Document
1919 Cover  Picture of a boy with a hoop and stick. Visual Still
1919 Illustration  Two girls walk away from Muddy Jim. Visual Still
1919 Illustration  Images of the sun, children indoors and outdoors, microbes through a magnifying glass, and a man working at a microscope. Visual Still
1919 Illustration  Images of a girl swatting flies around food at a table, a woman washing food at a sink, and flies around food sold by a street vendor. Visual Still
circa 1890 Photograph  Portrait of three blind musicians seated with their instruments -- a violin, a clarinet, and a piano. Visual Still
January 4, 1894 Article    Document
January 30, 1937 Article    Document
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