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Date Format Image Collection
September 1, 1843 Correspondence    Document
September 4, 1843 Correspondence    Document
October 12, 1843 Correspondence    Document
August 18, 1844 Correspondence    Document
January 30, 1845 Correspondence    Document
April 30, 1845 Correspondence    Document
1869 Cover  Visual Still
1899 Cover  Barefoot boy carrying sack on a stick, farm house in the background. Visual Still
1919 Cover  Picture of a boy with a hoop and stick. Visual Still
1873 Engraving  Engraving of a man in a pit with dogs and dozens of rats, some dead. A crowd of men look on. Visual Still
October 24, 1874 Engraving  Visual Still
1848 Engraving  A man raises his fist at a woman. Two children struggle to pull them apart. Another woman enters the chaotic room. Visual Still
1848 Engraving  A man sits outside a curved cage. A man and a woman watch. Three figures in the background stand by bars. Visual Still
circa 1920 Ephemera  A man with one leg amputated below the knee sits on a chair outdoors. Visual Still
1919 Ephemera  A printed card with a photograph attached. Visual Still
1843 Government Document    Document
1849 Illustration  A woman stands next to tree in a cemetery. Visual Still
1869 Illustration  A young woman in bed looks out her window at the town. Visual Still
1869 Illustration  A young woman sees a small girl on a couch. Visual Still
March 22, 1844 Illustration  Lithograph of Charles Stratton dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte. Visual Still
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