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Date Format Image Collection
August 1902 Article    Document
1846 Book    Document
January 2, 1847 Article    Document
circa 1865 Photograph    Document
May 19, 1934 Article    Document
1845 Book    Document
October 1932 Article    Document
1862 Pamphlet    Document
1862 Pamphlet    Document
March 1, 1860 Advertisement    Document
February 1930 Article    Document
May 1930 Article    Document
July 1895 Article    Document
1959 Article    Document
January 1922 Article    Document
July 27, 1865 Article    Document
April 29, 1926 Article    Document
April 6, 1914 Article    Document
circa 1880 Photograph  Small-statured man standing in formal attire, holding top hat and cane. Visual Still
circa 1880 Photograph  Admiral Dot stands.  An average-sized man holds Major Atom on his arm. Visual Still
1889 Advertisement  Four men and one boy in suits, in a piano tuning shop. Visual Still
1893 Photograph  Alexander Graham Bell speaks into a telephone.  A group of men in suits look on. Visual Still
1849 Illustration  A woman stands next to tree in a cemetery. Visual Still
1913 Photograph  Amos Draper stands on a stage signing. Visual Still
1913 Photograph  Amos G. Draper stands on a stage signing the charter of Gallaudet College Visual Still
1869 Illustration  A young woman in bed looks out her window at the town. Visual Still
1869 Illustration  A young woman sees a small girl on a couch. Visual Still
circa 1887 Photograph  Young Sullivan facing camera, curly hair, dark dress, white lace collar with dark broach at throat. Visual Still
1912 Slide  Portrait of Anne Sullivan, seated, wearing all white, head facing right with body turned left. Visual Still
November 9, 1943 Postcard  Handwritten text from a recruit to his family. Visual Still
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