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Date Format Image Collection
circa 1899 Photograph  Keller facing right with head on Sullivan's shoulder. Visual Still
1899 Photograph  Anne Sullivan (right) finger spelling a book with Helen Keller (left), both seated. Visual Still
August 1894 Photograph  Helen Keller in lightly colored dress wearing a hat and to the left of Dr. A.L.E. Crouter, wearing a suit and hat, at Chautauqua. Visual Still
circa 1888 Photograph  Helen Keller as a young child, sitting, holding a younger child's hand standing to her left. Visual Still
circa 1892 Photograph  Helen Keller wearing dress with lace at collar and holding flowers side view facing right for a colored, head and shoulders portrait. Visual Still
1902 Photograph  Keller wearing a formal gown, standing to the left of a window, away from camera, with right arm around the base of a statue with potted ferns to the left and right. Visual Still
circa 1910 Photograph  Helen Keller profile, facing right, with right shoulder exposed. Visual Still
circa 1902 Photograph  Helen Keller seated wearing a formal white gown with pink ribbon around the waist and holding flowers. Visual Still
circa 1904 Photograph  Visual Still
1963 Photograph  Original caption: Honors Acclaim Helen Keller, 75. Easton, Connecticut: World Tribute will honor Miss Helen Keller, America's Most Courageous Lady, on the return to her Easton, Connecticut home from her current trip to the Far East. Visual Still
1901 Photograph  Helen Keller standing, facing right, wearing long sleeve, floor length, white gown with waist sash, facing plant. Visual Still
December 1893 Article    Document
1902 Photograph  Helen Keller in lightly colored long dress, (left) Anne Sullivan in collard shirt and skirt, (center) and Jefferson in dark suit with goatee (right). Visual Still
May 5, 1938 Correspondence    Document
1843 Government Document    Document
January 1854 Article    Document
circa 1870 Lithograph  Mother teaches daughter piano; father teaches son writing Visual Still
March 1964 Article    Document
1827 Pamphlet  Poem from The Idiot. Visual Still
1919 Ephemera  A printed card with a photograph attached. Visual Still
circa 1860 Pamphlet    Document
circa 1860 Pamphlet  Frontal view of Barnum's American Museum Visual Still
1849 Book    Document
1849 Book    Document
1849 Book    Document
1870 Sheet Music  Little girl being carried by angels away from cemetary. Visual Still
1870 Sheet Music  Sheet Music Visual Still
1870 Sheet Music  Sheet Music Visual Still
1870 Sheet Music  Sheet Music Visual Still
1859     Document
1859 Illustration  An engraved portrait of Mary Day, a blind woman. Visual Still
September 25, 1918 Postcard  Handwritten text to Mrs. E. A. Russell Visual Still
July 1933 Article    Document
February 1934 Magazine    Document
1899 Book    Document
1899 Cover  Barefoot boy carrying sack on a stick, farm house in the background. Visual Still
1850 Book    Document
1860 Book    Document
1860 Illustration  A boy with a hunched back is carried on the shoulders of another boy in front of a newstand. Visual Still
1860 Illustration  A bald well-dressed man invites John to come watch him eat boned turkey Visual Still
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