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1899 Photograph  Helen Keller wearing lace collared dress with hair in a bun facing right in a head and shoulders portrait. Visual Still
circa 1899 Photograph  Keller facing right with head on Sullivan's shoulder. Visual Still
1899 Photograph  Anne Sullivan (right) finger spelling a book with Helen Keller (left), both seated. Visual Still
August 1894 Photograph  Helen Keller in lightly colored dress wearing a hat and to the left of Dr. A.L.E. Crouter, wearing a suit and hat, at Chautauqua. Visual Still
circa 1888 Photograph  Helen Keller as a young child, sitting, holding a younger child's hand standing to her left. Visual Still
circa 1892 Photograph  Helen Keller wearing dress with lace at collar and holding flowers side view facing right for a colored, head and shoulders portrait. Visual Still
1902 Photograph  Keller wearing a formal gown, standing to the left of a window, away from camera, with right arm around the base of a statue with potted ferns to the left and right. Visual Still
circa 1910 Photograph  Helen Keller profile, facing right, with right shoulder exposed. Visual Still
circa 1902 Photograph  Helen Keller seated wearing a formal white gown with pink ribbon around the waist and holding flowers. Visual Still
circa 1904 Photograph  Visual Still
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