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Date Format Image Collection
circa 1900 Postcard    Document
circa 1900 Postcard  Sepia toned photo of man hunched over holding a cane. Visual Still
circa 1900 Postcard  Text on reverse of postcard - Remarks,Convincing Reference,About Remittance Visual Still
circa 1865 Photograph  Souvenir photograph of Tom Thumb dressed as a sailor. Visual Still
circa 1865 Photograph  Tom Thumb dress in traditional Scottish clothing. Visual Still
March 22, 1844 Illustration  Lithograph of Charles Stratton dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte. Visual Still
circa 1885 Photograph  Chinese man of small stature stands with one arm on a chair. Visual Still
November 1901 Article    Document
January 1933 Photograph  Children, three in wheelchairs, around a decorated Christmas tree. Visual Still
1959 Cartoon  Drawing of a row of Christmas celebrants led by a young man in a wheelchair. Visual Still
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