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KEYWORDS: Tuberculosis

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Date Format Image Collection
April 1898 Article    Document
1924 Book    Document
June 1854 Article    Document
1837 Speech    Document
January 1873 Government Document    Document
January 23, 1946 Article    Document
1859     Document
June 1918 Article    Document
August 25, 1863 Patent    Document
1854 Book    Document
1904 Article    Document
1903 Article    Document
1908 Article    Document
1852 Annual Report    Document
August 1932 Article    Document
February 22, 1876 Government Document  Handwritten form detailing the admission of Anne and James Sullivan to the Tewksbury State Almshouse. Visual Still
August 1933 Illustration  A drawing of people going up stairs, first a man in a wheelchair, then a man on crutches, then a woman using canes. Visual Still
circa 1885 Ephemera  Trade card showing bottle of Adamson's Balsam positioned as cannon aimed at skeleton wearing cloak marked Coughs Colds Consumption. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Photograph of large sprawling building with many windows, porches, and decks. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Row of beds on a balconey. Visual Still
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