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KEYWORDS: Social Welfare & Employment

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Date Format Image Collection
April 1907 Article    Document
April 24, 1883 Article    Document
February 5, 1904 Article    Document
February 26, 1903 Article    Document
February 4, 1904 Article    Document
1850 Lithograph  Lithograph of Alms House. Bird's eye view. Visual Still
October 20, 1908 Article    Document
February 22, 1876 Government Document  Handwritten form detailing the admission of Anne and James Sullivan to the Tewksbury State Almshouse. Visual Still
1884 Conference Paper    Document
1955 Photograph  Portrait of Robert Irwin with signature beneath it. Visual Still
circa 1910 Postcard  Group photograph of male and female visually impaired basket weavers, photographed with baskets. Visual Still
1905 Photograph  Blind switchboard operator working. Visual Still
April 1898 Article    Document
circa 1910 Postcard  Men on benches making brooms by hand. Visual Still
1918 Photograph  Five men working in the Fall River broom shop. Visual Still
1917 Photograph  A blind man stitching a broom. Visual Still
1913 Photograph  Three buildings opened by the New York association for the Blind. Visual Still
circa 1914 Postcard  Group photo of men and women on steps of building. Visual Still
February 25, 1843 Newspaper    Document
April 28, 1883 Article    Document
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