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KEYWORDS: Public Health

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Date Format Image Collection
October 1946 Article    Document
April 24, 1883 Article    Document
November 14, 1934 Speech    Document
January 29, 1901 Letter    Document
1884 Conference Paper    Document
July 1933 Article    Document
1897 Pamphlet    Document
October 1960 Speech    Document
August 1933 Article    Document
1851 Book    Document
1988 Article    Document
1906 Government Document    Document
1930 Chart  Bar graph showing steady decline in those blinded by ophthalmia neonatorum being admitted into schools for the blind between 1907 and 1930. Visual Still
1934 Poster  Poster with chart showing number of injuries from fireworks. Visual Still
March 1913 Article    Document
1973 Pamphlet    Document
1924 Book    Document
circa 1940 Photograph  Photograph of man speaking into radio microphone at cerebral palsy fundraiser. Visual Still
June 15, 1949 Speech    Document
1877 Article    Document
July 1974 Government Document    Document
1933 Poster  Drawing showing declining numbers of admissions to blind schools due to ophthalmia neonatorum. Visual Still
September 1931 Article    Document
January 30, 1938 Article    Document
1891 Conference Paper    Document
1893 Book    Document
1893 Illustration  Sketch of child with drippy eyes. Visual Still
November 18, 1915 Article    Document
November 18, 1915 Article    Document
November 17, 1915 Article    Document
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