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Date Format Image Collection
August 1853 Article    Document
1869 Book    Document
May 1933 Article    Document
1974 Photograph  Light shining on a metal door. Visual Still
1974 Photograph  Partially dressed men standing on a tile floor. Visual Still
1974 Photograph  Two men sitting on a bench. Visual Still
1974 Photograph  A boy, next to a television set, working at a table. Visual Still
1837 Speech    Document
May 1852 Magazine    Document
June 1852 Magazine    Document
October 1881 Annual Report    Document
1888 Annual Report    Document
January 1897 Article    Document
1827 Pamphlet  Poem from The Idiot. Visual Still
1919 Ephemera  A printed card with a photograph attached. Visual Still
1849 Book    Document
1849 Book    Document
1849 Book    Document
1859     Document
September 21, 1844 Article    Document
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