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KEYWORDS: Industry

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Date Format Image Collection
August 1918 Article    Document
1917 Photograph  Man at a machine making dishmops Visual Still
1918 Photograph  Three men working in a dowel shop. Visual Still
October 1920 Pamphlet    Document
October 17, 1912 Article    Document
1858 Book    Document
January 1916 Article    Document
June 1942 Article    Document
1944 Annual Report    Document
circa 1918 Pamphlet    Document
1942     Document
1942 Photograph  Men working in a shop repairing furniture. Visual Still
1942 Photograph  A man wearing a welding shield. Visual Still
1916 Article    Document
1886 Annual Report    Document
December 31, 1920 Poster  Two posters promoting eye safety. Visual Still
October 1918 Article    Document
October 1918 Photograph  Men working at carpentry machinery. Visual Still
1941 Poster  A poster with a factory whistle calls for people to work in defense industries. Visual Still
April 1900 Article    Document
circa 1943 Photograph  A short statured woman wearing pants and a flowered scarf drills rivets on an airplane. Visual Still
January 1, 1943 Photograph  Woman and blind man work on aircraft as his seeing eye dog lies at his feet Visual Still
January 1, 1943 Photograph  Short statured man working inside wing of a B-17 Visual Still
April 20, 1908 Article    Document
1914 Photograph  Eight workers at the Fall River broom workshop Visual Still
1919 Photograph  Seven men working in the Pittsfield Broom Making workshop. Visual Still
1910 Photograph  Two men working in wire drawing factory. Visual Still
1926 Photograph  Man adjusts safety googles on a worker. Visual Still
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