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KEYWORDS: Autobiography

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Date Format Image Collection
June 1905 Article    Document
1851 Book    Document
1851 Book  Visual Still
1851 Book  Man being forced medication, while a dcotor looks on. Visual Still
1970 Article    Document
circa 1900 Ephemera  An engraving of a blacksmith working at an anvil.  One hand covers an eye. Visual Still
1869 Book    Document
February 1854 Article    Document
January 1905 Article    Document
1908 Article    Document
1816 Ephemera    Document
July 1953 Article    Document
May 10, 1944 Photograph  A dirt driveway extends up a hill to a stone house. Visual Still
December 31, 1919 Annual Report    Document
circa 1920 Ephemera  A man with one leg amputated below the knee sits on a chair outdoors. Visual Still
September 1911 Article    Document
1959 Article    Document
1892 Article    Document
November 1933 Article    Document
1859     Document
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