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Date Format Image Collection
December 14, 1794 Correspondence    Document
January 1849 Article    Document
1854 Book    Document
1906     Document
October 1920 Pamphlet    Document
1910 Book    Document
1967 Charts & Tables  Pie charts displaying percentages of causes and classifications of mental retardation. Visual Still
August 10, 1865 Magazine    Document
1858 Book    Document
January 14, 1875 Annual Report    Document
January 1848 Article    Document
1947 Book    Document
1962 Photograph  The author smiles as a waietr pours a glass of wine. Visual Still
August 1933 Cartoon  A young man uses a crutch to hold pretzels and a beer mug. Visual Still
1895 Book    Document
circa 1918 Pamphlet    Document
1899 Article    Document
1850 Government Document    Document
1821 Government Document    Document
February 3, 1912 Article    Document
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