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Date Format Image Collection
circa 1905 Photograph  A small cottage with shrubs in foreground near Helen Keller's childhood home in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Visual Still
June 1852 Article    Document
1824 Annual Report    Document
1888 Annual Report    Document
1917 Photograph  Helen Keller and Rebecca Mack at Helen's sister's home at Montgomery, Alabama, in the winter. Visual Still
1917 Photograph  Keller reading lips of Rebecca Mack through touch, brick porch in background. Visual Still
June 9, 1916 Article    Document
1892 Article    Document
circa 1905 Slide  Helen Keller's childhood home, Ivy Green, in Tuscumbia, Alabama. The photograph caption reads, Ivy Green, The Keller Homestead. The small house on the right is where Helen Keller was born. Visual Still
1893 Photograph  Nurse holding Mildred and Philips Brooks Keller in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Visual Still
1908 Postcard  Photograph of a large brick building surrounded by a brick wall. Visual Still
1908 Postcard  Text of a postcard. Visual Still
January 4, 1894 Article    Document
1888 Annual Report    Document
May 25, 1890 Article    Document
1891 Annual Report    Document
April 1902 Article    Document
May 1902 Article    Document
June 1902 Article    Document
July 19, 1905 Telegram  Telegram from Helen Keller to John Hitz reading, in part: arrive in Washington Friday morning... and was sent via Western Union. Visual Still
June 1892 Article    Document
July 1895 Article    Document
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