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Alexander Graham Bell To Mabel Hubbard Bell, January 29, 1901

Creator: Alexander Graham Bell (author)
Date: January 29, 1901
Source: Library of Congress

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It seems to me that the best way to reach the end in view will be to talk the whole matter over with you . In this way I may kill two birds with one stone. I can let you know what I am doing and what I am thinking about, and on the other hand I can clarify my idears prparitory (sic) to making a report to Dr. Wines. I propose, therefore, to write a special letter to you upon the subject -- to make a sort of embryonic report to you. Miss Safford can make a carbon copy for me, which I can work over -- correct -- and expand into a report to Dr. Wines. It will give me a basis for revision and amplification. B


I sent you copies yesterday of various communications relating to the proposed Bureau of Research in the Government Departments, and will let you know from time to time how matters progress. Mr. True of the Agricultural Department has taken hold at once; and -- this morning -- a meeting was held at the Agricultural Department of the members of the Committee representing the Agricultural colleges of the U. S. established under grants of lands from the Federal Government. This Committee is desirous of conferring with me and I am to meet them at five o'-clock at the Cosmos Club. I also have an engagement to dine with Dr. Wines at six o'clock, so that I cannot write further today. It is nearly four o'clock and I better go and get dressed.


Your loving husband

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