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Date Format Image Collection
circa 1885 Photograph  A young man in a wheelchair in a Victorian home. Visual Still
circa 1905 Photograph  Visual Still
July 1931 Illustration  Map for the states of origin of patients at Warm Springs. Visual Still
April 1932 Article    Document
January 1872 Article    Document
1870     Document
1870 Illustration  Two images of a man who had a musket ball pass through his head. Visual Still
1870 Illustration  An engraving of the back of a man's head with a large cavity. Visual Still
April 1847 Article    Document
1855 Engraving  Portrait of Lemuel Shattuck, with signature. Visual Still
October 25, 1922 Article    Document
December 1903 Article    Document
January 1934 Article    Document
January 1934 Article    Document
January 1934 Illustration  Design drawing of the mechanisms within an automobile. Visual Still
July 1847 Article    Document
1962 Photograph  A woman in an iron lung reads a book using a mouthstick. Visual Still
1919 Poem    Document
1919 Poem    Document
1919 Poem    Document
1919 Cover  Picture of a boy with a hoop and stick. Visual Still
1919 Illustration  Two girls walk away from Muddy Jim. Visual Still
1919 Illustration  Images of the sun, children indoors and outdoors, microbes through a magnifying glass, and a man working at a microscope. Visual Still
1919 Illustration  Images of a girl swatting flies around food at a table, a woman washing food at a sink, and flies around food sold by a street vendor. Visual Still
February 3, 1843 Letter    Document
1960 Article    Document
1960 Photograph  A young man plays chess with assitive technology. Visual Still
1960 Photograph  Photographs of legs and arms with assitive devices for movement. Visual Still
November 1, 1922 Article    Document
April 1933 Photograph  Four photographs of a boy swimming. Visual Still
1906 Postcard  A man, woman and child pose for a family portrait; man is wearing neck/head brace. Visual Still
circa 1915 Pamphlet    Document
circa 1915 Pamphlet  Pamphlet showing blind baby. Visual Still
March 22, 1918 Article    Document
August 30, 1890 Cover  Cover of Scientific American magazine, showing men and women working on census data using Hollerith Tabulator and its punch cards. Visual Still
1959 Photograph  A photograph of a woman in a motorized wheelchair. Visual Still
November 1933 Article    Document
1841 Annual Report    Document
January 13, 1881 Postcard  Handwritten postcard address- Dr. H. M. Hurd, Eastern Assylum, Pontiac, Michigan Visual Still
March 15, 1879 Postcard  Handwritten postcard address- Dr. Henry M. Hurd, Asylum, Pontiac, Michigan Visual Still
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