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Date Format Image Collection
1860 Book    Document
1860 Illustration  A child's drawing of of a fenced house and trees Visual Still
1860 Photograph  Perkins students, boys in suits, with band instruments. Visual Still
1859     Document
1859 Illustration  An engraved portrait of Mary Day, a blind woman. Visual Still
February 1858 Article    Document
1858 Book    Document
1858 Engraving  Boy in straw hat stand in front of dilapidated house. Visual Still
1858 Engraving  Older women sits on stool next to fence, broken window, and broom, her clothing somewhat tattered. Visual Still
1858 Engraving  Three gentlemen, two of them seated, talking in a room. Visual Still
1858 Engraving  A man points at an unseen figure, a man and a woman next to him. Visual Still
1858 Engraving  A man in a top hat scratches his head, elderly women in tatters behind him. Visual Still
1858 Engraving  A man on a stage pulls up his sleeve, five gentlemen sitting behind him. Visual Still
December 1856 Article    Document
February 11, 1856 Annual Report    Document
1856 Illustration  An institutional building, classical architechture with columns and stairs, sits on a hill with a tree-lined road leading to it, in a pastoral landscape. Visual Still
1856 Article    Document
November 1855 Article    Document
September 1855 Article    Document
March 1855 Article    Document
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