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Date Format Image Collection
October 12, 1870 Illustration  A large, ornate institutional building with trees in the foreground. Visual Still
circa 1870 Photograph  A group of five soldiers showing amputations of their lower legs Visual Still
circa 1870 Photograph  Row of cottages used as residential quarters at the Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind in South Boston. There are two, side-by-side, three story cottage buildings that face a wide unpaved road. Visual Still
circa 1870 Lithograph  Certificate awarded and inscribed to student. Decorated with illustrations of church scenes. Visual Still
circa 1870 Ephemera  Diploma for Scool of Vocal Physiology. Visual Still
1870 Photograph  Bridgman, seated, book in lap Visual Still
1870 Annual Report    Document
January 1870 Article    Document
1869 Photograph  Portrait of Laurent Clerc. Visual Still
March 3, 1868 Photograph  Two frontal views of the ruins of Barnum's Museum. Visual Still
1868 Book    Document
1868 Illustration  A young girl sits under a tree reading; an older woman stands nearby; sunday school in background. Visual Still
1867 Pamphlet    Document
1866 Pamphlet    Document
September 2, 1865 Article    Document
August 10, 1865 Magazine    Document
1865 Pamphlet    Document
1865 Pamphlet    Document
1864 Photograph  Soldiers sit or lie on the ground in an outdoor courtyard. A nurse helps a soldier on crutches out the door. Visual Still
1864 Book    Document
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