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KEYWORDS: Industry

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Date Format Image Collection
November 1916 Poster  Poster showing good and bad lighting in the workplace. Visual Still
April 1924 Photograph  Close-up of safety goggles, one lens shattered. Visual Still
November 1917 Photograph  A set of 94 broken goggles. Visual Still
November 1917 Photograph  One worker pours babbitt with a single hand ladle while another worker looks on. They both have safety glasses on, which are emphasized by 2 drawn on white arrows. Visual Still
November 1917 Poster  Poster showing workplace accident. Visual Still
December 1920 Poster  Two posters promoting eye safety. Visual Still
1956 Comic Book  Comic book panels.  Three sets of couples converse. Visual Still
1908 Government Document    Document
1931 Photograph  Man sitting in chair, face bandaged, holding broken pair of safety goggles. Visual Still
1946 Charts & Tables  Charts showing income goals for 1947 and what the inccrease would mean for staff and jobs. Visual Still
April 1944 Article    Document
April 1944 Photograph  Elderly women sits in front of screws with hand on a jar. Visual Still
April 1944 Photograph  Man looks at screw through magnifying glass. Visual Still
April 1944 Photograph  Elderly man with glasses prepares to palm screw. Visual Still
April 1944 Photograph  Elderly woman sits in wheelchair inspecting screws. Visual Still
June 1942 Article    Document
April 1924 Photograph  Man working in steel factory wears protective mask. Visual Still
circa 1930 Chart  Chart showing the number of injuries and the compensation dispensed for them in Pennsylvania. Each type of injury (arms, legs, feet, hands, and eyes) has a depiction of a man with that injury. The man is drawn larger for more common injuries. Visual Still
September 1946 Newsletter    Document
1956 Comic Book  A young man tell his mother about his new job and she night be entitled to benefits. Visual Still
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