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George Bush in front of White House sitting at table signing ADA; with a priest, a woman, and two men in wheel chairs
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Title: George Bush Signs The ADA
Creator: n/a
Date: July 26, 1990
Format: Photograph
Source: George Bush Presidential Library
Keywords: Americans With Disabilities Act; Ceremonies; Civil Rights; Evan Kemp; George H.W. Bush; Government; Harold Wilke; Justin Dart; Legislation; Physical Disability; Policy; Politics; Publicity; Sandra Parrino; Washington, DC
Topics: n/a
Note: Standing from left to right are Rev. Harold Wilkie of Clairmont, California and Sandra Parrino of the National Council on Disability. Seated from left to right are Evan Kemp, Chairman of the Equal Opportunity Commission, President George Bush, and Justin Dart of the Presidential Commission on Employment of People with Disabilities