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A Chat About The Hand
My hand is to me what your hearing and sight together are to you. In large measure we travel the same highways, read the same books, speak the same language, yet our experiences are different. All my comings and goings turn on the hand as on a pivot. It is the hand that binds me to the world of men and women. The hand is my feeler with which I reach through isolation and darkness and seize every pleasure, every activity that my fingers encounter....
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Title: A Chat About The Hand
Creator: Helen Keller (author)
Date: January 1905
Format: Article
Publication: The Century Magazine
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: vol.69, no.3, pp.454-465
Keywords: Animals; Autobiography; Blind; Communication; Deaf; Deaf-blind; Helen Keller; Identity; Manual Alphabet; Sensory Disability
Topics: n/a